Help me to Join the output of following postgres database query

I am interested to join the output of two queries out of that one return the last login details of users and second queries return role assign to users and I want this both result in one query.

Can anyone help me to join this queries?

SELECT u.user_name AS “Username”, email_address AS “Email”, CONCAT(u.lower_first_name,u.lower_last_name)
AS “Full Name”,u.lower_first_name,u.lower_last_name,u.created_date AS “User Creation”,
to_timestamp(CAST(attribute_value AS BIGINT)/1000)
AS “Last Login”,d.directory_name AS “Directory”,
AS “Is Active” FROM cwd_user u
JOIN ( SELECT DISTINCT child_name FROM cwd_membership m
JOIN licenserolesgroup gp ON m.parent_name = gp.GROUP_ID )
AS m ON m.child_name = u.user_name
JOIN ( SELECT * FROM cwd_user_attributes ca WHERE attribute_name = ‘login.lastLoginMillis’ )
AS a ON a.user_id = JOIN cwd_directory d ON u.directory_id = ORDER BY “Last Login” DESC;

SELECT p.pname as ProjName, pr.NAME as roleName, pra.roletype, pra.roletypeparameter, cmem.child_name, u.display_name
FROM projectroleactor pra
INNER JOIN projectrole pr ON pr.ID = pra.PROJECTROLEID
INNER JOIN project p ON p.ID = pra.PID
INNER JOIN cwd_membership cmem ON cmem.parent_name = pra.roletypeparameter
INNER JOIN app_user au ON au.lower_user_name = cmem.child_name
INNER JOIN cwd_user u ON u.lower_user_name = au.lower_user_name
WHERE pra.roletype = ‘atlassian-group-role-actor’ order by p.pname;

Thanks in advance