Help! Our DC ticket assignee is DEACTIVATED

Hi @dparrish, @bmagro, @oyarova,

We’ve been patientily waiting for our DC approval to go through even while continuing to get customer requests. However the Atlassian Staff assignee of our ticket I just noticed is quietly deactivated?!

Please give our DC tickets some love as soon as possible:

Its now been 17 days AND I just noticed the assignee to our ticket is a deactivated account:


I’d been trying to more quietly escalate things through other tickets and comments but Atlassian has either intentionally or unintentionally disable callouts on most tickets among the ways its limiting communications.

Do you have a process in place for when people leave Atlassian that issues they were working on don’t get dropped? Did this get overlooked? This is actually now costing us daily.

Thank you for attention!



Hey @brendan,

I’ll follow up with the review team to make sure it hasn’t been dropped.

Also, just and FYI @dparrish is not currently working in the Atlassian Ecosystem anymore. Feel free to ping me on issues like this in the future.

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@bmagro Thanks so much for the info and looking into it!.

This leads to what I think is a reasonable related / follow up and connected question: How can I and my team as an Atlassian Marketplace Top Vendor know who is working on the MarketPlace Team and related Teams? That would be so useful! I sought this last Summit but apparently there is no visibility from outside the walled garden? Thank you for any insights :slight_smile:

Feel free to ping me on issues like this in the future.

I appreciate that. How can I ping you? Or anyone on the MarketPlace team for that matter? Emails seem usually hidden. Message on this community site? Twitter? Candygram? My preferred method is Candygram, but let me know what you prefer.

With knowledge of who is on the team I’d be able to try to reach out to the right people? Short of that I’d probably escalate to who I still know from the first twenty or fifty Atlassians. Any advice is welcome!



Hey @brendan,

Interesting question. Certainly not the intent to have a walled garden approach. We should invest in something more formal.

@WarrenChen Is this something your team can pick up?

In terms of pinging me in the short term. The dev community is perfect. I try to be pretty active on here. Though Candygram does seem appealing.


Hey Brendan, I represent various partners in the Atlassian Marketplace, and will reach out to you directly.

Thanks @SunnyManaktala!