Help shape the future of Forge: new cloud computing services survey

Hi there,

We’re on a mission to make Forge the platform for building more sophisticated apps on the Atlassian platform, and we need your insights to get there.

We are currently conducting a survey to identify the compute, storage, AI, and real-time services utilised on AWS, GCP or other cloud infrastructure providers for developing Connect apps. This initiative aims to gain insights into the cloud computing primitives that should be prioritised for future development on the Forge platform.

Partners are welcome to share their survey responses for one or more apps. The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. We will be reaching out to respondents to get more detailed information about your specific use cases.

Take the survey here.

Looking forward to your responses and always grateful for your assistance.

James Dumay
Group Product Manager, Forge


Hi James,

could you clarify how you interpret “critical” to our Connect app? Is it considered critical for you if we’d need to rearchitect the app to work without the service? If we have a monolithic NodeJS app running in ElasticBeanstalk/EC2/ECS for example, you could obviously do without and rearchitect it completely to micro-services and to work with Forge functions - would you consider this critical? We might not need it from a scale perspective, but it still would be extremely painful from a transitional point of view?



Thanks for your question. Yes, I’d consider that situation to be critical.