Help us understand what you need from audit logs in JSM Assets!


I’m a Product Manager with the JSM Assets team. Audit logs for JSM Assets is something we are going to be prioritising in the very near future. If you have a need for audit logs we would love to chat with you to dig deeper into questions like:

  • What problems would audit logs solve for you and your organisation?
  • Who would use them and as a part of what tasks?
  • Whether they impact your ability to meet any compliance obligations?

Your input is critical! If you would be willing to give us 45 mins of your time it will help us ensure we build something truly useful to you.

You can choose an available time here. If there are no times that work for you please reach out to me at and we will do what we can to find a suitable time.

Thanks very much!

Justin King

Product Manager, Jira Service Management