Help with Costello Power UP

I’ve been using the above - it provides the functionality for adding values to a card in Trello, and then provides a running total in the top banner area.

My problem is when I removed one of the numeric fields from a card, it still remains behind, but instead of displaying the previous field name, it says ‘undefined’.

I would like to clear all of history this app has left in my Trello account so I can start from fresh. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Martyn


:wave: @MartynHale Welcome!

It looks like we both mailed the developer of the Power-Up and they got back with the following:

I’m going to try and take a look at this bug over the weekend when I have time, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a quick fix up. In the meantime, go to your board’s sidebar menu, click Costello > Edit Power-Up Settings, and check that there are no extra cost fields listed besides Total Cost - there may be a “hidden” item in the menu if a cost field was created with no title.

Hey all! Jeremy, creator of Costello here. I believe I’ve fixed the bug that was causing this issue. In addition, if anyone finds that their Costello cost data is in a bad state, I’ve added a Reset Cost Fields option to the Costello Power-Up Settings menu.

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