Hide empty jiraIssueFields field

I have a plugin defined using ACE that defines a couple of fields using jiraIssueFields Is there a way to make these fields hidden or at least hide them when empty? these fields make no sense for most of the organization projects.

Hi @HoracioDuran,
as far as I’m concerned jiraIssueFields are by default not associated with any screen. So if they are visible, it means that someone had to add them to screens. In general jiraIssueFields are behaving the same way as regular custom fields.

To remove them from the screen you need to:

  1. Go to Settings (cog in top right corner) > Issues > Custom Fields
  2. Find appropriate field
  3. Click on 3 dots icon and choose Associate to Screens
  4. Figure out on which screens this field shouldn’t be displayed.

I hope it helps.


Thank you for taking the time to answer.

I am interested in doing this programmatically though. Fields are added through the jiraIssueFields declaration and added to screens by a separate process to ensure they are there where required on creation. I did not find however a way to add them to a screen and indicate that I only want to see them when they have content.