hierarchyLevel still does not yet reflect hierarchies above Epic

Hey @KonstantinK

Apparently the hierarchyLevel still does not yet reflect hierarchies above Epic. When is it planed to be released or is there a ticket I can follow?

And more important is there a workaround for now (for Cloud and DataCenter)?

Continuing the discussion from Deprecation of the Epic Link, Parent Link and other related fields in REST APIs and webhooks:

compare also this tickets:

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Hello @florian

Are you inferring the Initiative issue type as being the parent of an Epic? If not, what other issue type are you using as the parent of the Epic?

Hey @Sunnyape,

thank you for your reply!

Initiative is just the name of an issue type and yes I want it to be parent of an Epic. But from what I understand, the described logic should give me the option to create a parent of Initiative too.



It’s probably getting a bit off the thread topic, but what level above Initiative are you wanting to exist?

Given that you can already group Initiatives into Releases (Versions) and cross-group them again into Components, that’s already a pretty deep and diverse hierarchy without adding another level… and getting off-piste as far as ‘official’ Agile structure goes.

Hi @florian! This will be released at some point after 1 April 2023: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/changelog/#CHANGE-876

I don’t have an exact release date at the moment, as this feature depends on other related work.

All these changes only apply to Cloud, there are currently no plans to port these to Data Center.