Hosting a spring boot+React Plugin on aws

Hi All
I tried to host my plugin on aws ec2. Which is developed using Spring Boot and React Now while i hosted the first problem in connect.json file baseURL should contain https but aws is giving Http How to Correct This.
Secondly, how can I run both Spring boot and react So that I need to do less manual work

You can provision SSL certificates for AWS resources using the AWS Certificate Manager. I would recommend adding an ALB in front of your EC2 instance which integrates with Certificate Manager, making it easy to provide SSL support for your server.

Have a look at atlassian-connect-spring-boot-sample-atlaskit.

that means first i add one load balancer in front of my ec2 instance then certificate manager assign with load balancer?? and for this am i need to make any changes in my spring-boot application???

Yes, I am running react inside spring boot project but everytime I need to run npm run build and mvn spring-boot:run so while hosting this in aws then how I manage this situation. Should I copy the complete folder to ec2 instance and run both commands there and before that add load balancer to add certificate??

Looking at the scope of your questions, I’m not sure if this is the right group of people to help you. Although we are definitely here for helping you with development of your (cloud) app and share general best practices in regard to hosting solutions, your current questions seem to be more related to very low-level service management solutions specifically for AWS (and not specific to Atlassian products). Perhaps you can find someone to assist you with setting up AWS environments?

yes question is related to hosting but i thought someone has an idea of how to host this cloud app on aws .

All vendors that have cloud apps have chosen hosting solutions: there are vendors that are using Digital Ocean, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, generic VPS hosting providers, maybe some even have their own hardware on-prem.

From what I’ve seen, this community will definitely be able to help you with specific implementation questions, even if this concerns hosting on AWS. However, it seems like you’re asking for a how-to guide on deploying your app on AWS. I personally think that this is beyond the scope of this community, but maybe there are others that can help you.

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