How a user can edit the body of a macro?


I am new to the development of a macro with Forge.
How to create a Confluence macro whose body can be edited by the user (write text, insert a table, insert an image, …) Which UI fields to use?

My goal is to do something like that (photo-montage) where the body can be edited by user:

I read in documentation about the MacroConfig field but the right panel is too small to add a Textarea for multi-lign. My use-case needs to write lot of text.

Have you checked out the TextArea component?

It sounds like it might be along the lines of what you’re looking for.


Thank you for your answer.

The TextArea might suit my need but it lacks functionality to achieve my goal.
I’ll suggest you some functionality that is missing, that could give you ideas for improvement:

TextArea component:

  • Add support ADF format
  • Text can be customized with editor toolbar. (for example put the text in bold)
  • Be able to configure the width of the TextArea field. (For my use-case: full width)

Form component:

  • Be able to configure if the form can be edited in edit mode. (For my use-case: yes)
  • Be able to configure if the form can be displayed in read mode. (For my use-case: no)

To give you some context, my goal is to create a form for creating a Jira ticket from Confluence directly and only in ‘edit mode’.
In ‘read mode’ the content of the Jira ticket is displayed (not the form).

Mockup in Edit Mode:

Mockup in Read Mode:

I hope my message was understandable and look forward to reading you

Did you find a solution? My understanding is that macros are blocked in edit mode. Atlassian puts an div on top of your UI an disables all pointer events.

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