How can an app determine what annual license a customer has purchased?

I just noticed that the license response from the two available endpoints don’t contain details of an annual license tier subscription:

  • /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/license and
  • /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/addons/com.javahollic.jira.jemh-ui

The problem here for us is that a customer purchasing a 1200 annual term license may only have 100 users actually created. If they are actually ‘paying’ for 1200 seats of the app we need to make adjustments (providing additional capacity) based on what they paid for rather than what the current licensing API indicates are created users.

There is an entitlementNumber attribute in both but not the actual tier, which seems an omission.

I had a look at the Marketplace Reporting API but don’t see how we can even query the entitlementNumber to ascertain this information.

Atlassian? Insight?