How can check and change Project Access on Jira Rest API

I’m trying to make script, it finds Projects which Project Access are open, and change Project Access to private.

However, when I searched for API Reference, I couldn’t find an API to make that setting.
If you know, could you tell me the API?

The items I want to set are the settings in the red square in the following image.

Hi @Yusuke ,

Thanks for posting in the Atlassian Developer Community and welcome here.

I checked the available APIs and can confirm that there isn’t a supported API that allows to check the value of the Project Access and change it.

There is an open suggestion for that here: [JSWCLOUD-17970] It should be possible to set team-managed (formerly next-gen) project access (open, private or limited) via REST API - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.


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Hi @ccurti ,

Thanks for your information.

it’s sad to hear that.
but I wait for implement the api, watching the suggestion.

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