How can I add a contextual sidebar to my Jira global page app?

Hey Forge Team ,
I’m building a Jira global page app using Forge and Custom UI React.
1- How can I add a contextual sidebar that appears in the Container title of my Jira app?
Here is an example of what I want to do,

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks very much.

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Hey Farah, sorry it’s not possible to implement a side nav as you have pictured. It would need to be within the iframe, underneath the title.

The bridge provides some functionality to break out of the iframe (e.g. Modal, viewIssueModal) but I don’t think it will work for your use case.

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Thank you for clarifying that it not possible to implement a sidebar in a Jira app. However, I’m intrigued by the other Jira apps that managed to add elements next to the title, as shown in the picture I provided. Could you shed some light on how they were able to achieve this despite the sidebar implementation is not possible? I would be grateful for any further insights or information you can provide on this matter. Thank you for your help.

Similar to my answer in the other thread, I think this app is built using Connect and the generalPages module which doesn’t have the Title at the top.

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Thank you again for clarifying.