How can I hide my forge issue Glance app for other users?

I developed an issue Glance app by Forge UI kit and successfully installed that to JIRA. That shows as a dev state application for all Jira users in the project. So untille developement complete, I want to hide this app with other users. So I add a conditions:userRole: site-admins in manifest.yml in Forge app to show that app to only site-admins. Now other users cannot access the app but that app is still showing in the issue ui. Can anyone give me a steps to hide that one to only show site-admins or how to show that only development user?


Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @Stars,

We’re happy to hear that you’re building a Forge app for you and your team’s need! While there are answers to your question, the one I would most strongly recommend is “don’t build in production”. You can get a free development instance from: