How can we get access token from the providers after External OAuth 2.O

Is there any way to get the access token from the forge application. I have successfully implemented the external OAuth 2.O, but I can’t see the access token, Is it store anywhere ?

resolver.define("callGoToAPI", async (req) => {
  console.log("req--", req);
  try {
    const gtResolve = await api
      .withProvider("gotoresolve", "resolve-profile");
    if (!(await gtResolve.hasCredentials())) {
      const credData = await gtResolve.requestCredentials();
      console.log("credData", credData);

    const response = await gtResolve.fetch("/admin/rest/v1/me");

    if (response) {
      return response.json();

    return null;
  } catch (err) {
    console.log("err", err);
    throw err;

I’ve selected Custom UI and Issue-context template.
Could you please help me ?

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Once a user is authenticated, the fetch method automatically includes their authentication token for each request. You don’t need access to the access token.


Thanks @AdamMoore for the response. Actually I need to send the access_token inside body for a particular request to get some external data through webhooks using body params.

  "webhooks": [
      "targetUrl": "",
      "accessToken" : <access_token>
      "type": "ChatMessage"