How can we get the list of the plan quarantined tests using the REST-API?

Is there any way to get the quarantined tests for a given plan using the REST-API?

Using the WEB interface, we can get it from the “Quarantined tests” plan tab:

but I could not find the way to get that same list from the REST-API;


Using this entrypoint we can get the quarantined tests for a given {buildNumber}:

  • .../rest/api/latest/result/{planId}-{buildNumber} (docs)

but not the currently quarantined tests of the {planId}.

I also found that we can use the REST-API to add or remove a test using its {testId}, from the quarantine of certain {planId}:

  • .../rest/api/latest/plan/{planId}/test/{testId}/quarantine (docs)
  • .../rest/api/latest/plan/{planId}/test/{testId}/unleash

but I couldn’t find the way to retrieve that same list :frowning:

The entrypoint .../rest/api/latest/result/{planId}-{buildNumber} mentioned above is not offering what we need, because it contains the tests that were already in the plan quarantine when that {buildNumber} ran. What we need is the list of the currently quarantined items, which can be more (or less) than the quarantined tests of the last build of that {planId}; example: if we quarantine some tests after {buildNumber} ends, the plan quarantine, and the quarantined tests for that {buildNumber} will differ.