How do I add a new image to my spring-boot-connect application

I have taken over an existing connect app written in spring-boot-connect and I want to add a new image to the application. I’ve added the image (to be used on a html configuration form) but it I never shown on my form. The javascript log shows a 404 error - I’ve tried both a /img and a /images url. I think the problem is something must be changed in nom or web pack but not sure how. Any ideas?

Hi @DougBass,

for general questions related to Spring Boot, I would recommend first consulting the reference documentation (e.g. section 8.1.1. The “Spring Web MVC Framework”, Static Content). You will find more guides on Baeldung (e.g. Serve Static Resources with Spring). And general questions are best directed to Stack Overflow.

In this community, you can get help with developing Atlassian apps or with the specific features of our client libraries.