How do I add compass to scopes and authenticate with oauth?

I’m trying to build an integration that publishes updates via the Compass GraphQL API however I’ve noticed that:

  1. I can’t see Compass as part of the scopes in the developer console
  2. There seems to be little documentation on creating an access token using oAuth

If I try to perform an implicit login with the read:component:compass scope, I get an error:


This app has requested compass scopes that have not been added to the app. Configure the app at and add the following scopes to the compass: read:component:compass.

How do enable Compass and then authenticate? Preferably client_credentials or in a way that allows me to build a service that can push updates to compass components.

Using this information ( I tweaked the curl call and was able to generate an access_token.

Next let’s see how I can access the GraphAPI…