How do I call someQueue.push() from async events from non-async (render) function?

With an indirect route, using:

const DL_assertComponentIsInGlobalDLDict = async (payLoad) => {
  await dlDictQueue.push( payLoad);
  return 0;

I can send an async event to a consumer like this from a render function:

  const [dlComponentDLid] = useState(async () => await DL_assertComponentIsInGlobalDLDict( payLoad));

But what I really would like to do is not have that extra function and ‘use’ useState() at all but call the push() function directly, something like:

  (() => {dlDictQueue.push( payLoad).then()})();

But when I try that (in various forms), the consumer receives nothing.

So, I can work around this, but I’d rather not to, This is probably me not understanding Javascript enough, but I wonder if this is something forge does to my code.