How do I delete all forge storage data for an instance

I’m in the process of building a forge app using the forge storage.

At this point I want to push this out to a “real” Atlassian instance to see if the solution is able to handle real users. If I later want to reset the forge store - how would I go about that?

When does Forge delete the data stored in Forge Storage? Is it at the time of uninstall of the app from the instance?


We wait a few weeks before clearing out the data after uninstall. Its still within our 30 day privacy policy window but not so fast that if the customer regrets the uninstall that they can’t reinstall and find that all of their data is still present.

When the cloud site is destroyed (post deactivation for lack of payment) we clear out the data immediately because we delete the product data at the same time.

Currently there is no accessible mechanism to clear out app storage that admins can access: by design.

The only real way for you to clear out the data would likely be a web trigger that you can spam that scans for keys and deletes them from app data.

I hope this helps even if there is no ready solution.


So max 30 days? Can that be documented please? I need to be able to answer “How long is our data retained”? Max 30 days is an answer. :slight_smile:


Technically, the answer should be “In accordance with the Atlassian Privacy Policy” because that was the driving force behind that number and it is the rule we follow for all data.

But I understand the desire for data lifecycle to be more clearly communicated in the Forge docs. I’ll bring this to our content designers.


You rock!

So - is the answer:

Until you delete it, but you really should do that in accordance to Atlassian Privacy Policy

or is it

You will suddenly not have access to your data a few years down the line - you should have planned for this


@rmassaioli Will the data disappear by itself or only after I do something?

This is my answer. For all data stored in App Storage we will automatically delete that data for your App within 30 days of the App being uninstalled. We also clear out that data immediately when the Site data is deleted due to extended lack of payment. The App developer does not have to do anything.

Does that answer the question @MWulff ?

I can’t find any confirmation about this in the Forge documentation. Can you document when the data are deleted?

Hi @ChristopherS thanks for pointing this out. We are currently working on improving our documentation so that we can better clarify guidelines/provide more information around these. I will make sure to let you know, once we have published the same. Thank you!