How to delete app data while uninstall forge app?

Hai all,
I created one forge app and planned to publish this app in atlassian marketplace. Before that i need to do self validation. I deployed the app for production and installed app in my atlassian site. After installing the app in my instance, i stored some data at app side. I uninstalled app from admin page->manage your apps->app name->uninstall. While i reinstalled the app again, the data that i stored before is in the app at that time also.

How can i delete that data after uninstalled app?

Thanks in advance…

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The data is automatically deleted after some period of time:

Otherwise, you’d have to delete the data yourself. I don’t think that we give you an uninstall lifecycle hook that you could use to trigger the cleanup yourself, unfortunately.

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Hai @bentley Thanks for your response.

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