How do I fix this? import showing error

import com.atlassian.webresource.api.assembler.PageBuilderService;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
While writing a plugin, I need to add these to imports. But the “webresource” and the “springframework” fieldds appear red and a pop up says " cannot resolve symbol. How can I fix this?

@nadav.dahan can you please provide us with more information.
Which product are you building an add-on for?
What platform? (Server, Cloud, Data Center?)
What you tried already?
Which errors are you getting and in which tools?

Currently, your question is impossible to answer without a lot of research and time.
None of which anybody here has in abundance.

Please be considerate of your fellow community member’s time.

I’m trying to build an add-on for confluence. I’m using the Atlassian guide to build/create a macro for confluence.
under Format the macro appearance using css - step10

And the final step states to but these imports among others in the java file, but once I do this my editor (IntelliJ) underlines “webresource” and “springframework” and shows me an error once I hover.
“Cannot resolve symbol”
Any advice? maybe the tutorial is out of date or needs to be checked


You’re missing some dependencies. Make sure your ide is importing the maven stuff properly.

If it’s still not working, you’ll probably need to add something like:


And for the spring piece:


I was struggling with the same error for 2 hours (new to java). Thanks for the solution. :slight_smile: