How do I get Jira Work Management projects & issues?

Split from prior thread because the answer may not require Jira Work Management APIs.


Thank you, appreciate the informative reply. What I had in mind was simply to extract longitudinal data from the projects that my company are running and to use that data for two purposes:
1.) use the data to create simple predictive models of how our projects will progress when considering historic context on said project and other similar projects. This is more of a data science exercise and the objective is to help management make more data driven decisions wrt project management.
2.) provide management with a frequent and much simplified view on the completion level of a collectoin of projects that each comprise of several sub-projects. Im aiming to convert this information to a visual format that is largely text-free.

Based on your answer, it seems that although I can not reach boards, I should be able to reach projects and issues, if I can somehow get hold of their id’s, which is good news. I did not have administrator rights to access project id’s and issue id’s directly through the JIRA web user interface and hence tried to get them by first locating their boards, but this was where I got stuck of course given that “JIRA work management” boards do not show up in the JIRA api.


it seems that although I can not reach boards, I should be able to reach projects and issues


To start, I would highly recommend grabbing a free developer site from:

Overall, developing against production can be a little bit dangerous. Permissions will protect most data, but sometimes a “wild script” will create too much junk data. Also, the same permissions that protect production data can also be confusing for developers to know if an API is broken, or if the problem is permissions.

Pro-tip: disable Jira Service Management (JSM) if you are going to add any users to your dev site for collaboration. JSM has a limit of 1 agent, and the default behavior is to add every new users as an agent, which will push you off the free-for-dev model.

Next, IDs may not appear in the UI, but “keys” do and are pretty obvious. For example, the URL for one of my Jira Work Management (JWM) projects is:

So the key is NEWEMP. The same “key” is also visible on each new issue, like NEWEMP-1. The whole thing is an issue key, but the first part (before the dash) is the project key. The APIs for both projects and issues will let you start with keys, rather than only IDs.

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Thank you again for the informative reply, I can indeed simply use the project keys and issue keys that are easy to find via the JIRA user interface for my “JIRA Work Management” projects and put them into the APIs that you have linked in your last sentence for projects and issues.

Looking back, it seems that I got trapped in the Agile API documentation assuming that covered the entire JIRA API capability, while there is also a seperate Server API documentation, with the latter allowing the querry per project key that you linked.