How do I get the right scopes to get all Sprints for our OAuth 2.0 app?

Hi @ccurti
we are trying to get all Sprints for our OAuth 2.0 app with the following Request URL : GET “…/rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/sprint”
But we are getting the Following Error :

  errorMessages: [
    'Access to the resource was denied due to missing scope grants. Your app was granted the following scopes: [manage:jira-project, manage:jira-configuration, read:jira-work, manage:jira-data-provider, read:account, manage:jira-webhook, write:jira-work, read:me, 
read:jira-user].\n' +
      'The resource can be accessed by having one of these groups of scopes:\n' +
      '  * [read:sprint:jira-software]\n'

Preformatted textWe are wondering how can we add the new granular scopes (read:sprint:jira-software) in the developer Console but we cannot find it in our scopes

You might have resolved this by now, but let me answer this anyway.

You can add the read:sprint:jira-software scope by browsing to the Granular scopes tab in the developer console.

You’ll find it to the right of the Classic scopes one for the JIRA APIs which you have already set according to the error message.

Here is a screenshot showing the selected option:

All the Jira Software REST API endpoints require Granular scopes as the Classic scopes are not supported for it as described in this doc.