How do I limit the number of results coming back from an API Query

I am trying to return the total number of issues for a given query in excel VBA. I am on cloud and I cannot use --any-- plugin of any kind. Everything has to be done using API V3>=%20-30d%20

This works and I can see the value I want in the field “total”

{“expand”:“schema,names”,“startAt”:0,“maxResults”:50,“total”:57,“issues”: … }

Where do I put maxresults= ??

putting it at the end of the query … so appending and maxresults=2 tells me that the field maxresults does not exist so its being interpreted as a field not a parameter.

Putting it at the beginning like this:>=%20-30d%20

this returns {“expand”:“schema,names”,“startAt”:0,“maxResults”:50,“total”:63757,“issues”:} so its clearly ignored the maxresults value and also ignored the JQL statement as well.

where or how do I embed this parameter in the URL I am building in VBA so that the server will interpret it correctly?

Hey edmoore!
Can you try to write maxresults as maxResults with a capital R and see if that helps?