How do I reference and output individual nav items from the utility nav?

Confluence Server (latest version).

I’m building a simple theme, and would like to move some of the items in the utility nav (the navigation in the upper right that contains the quick search, administration menu, user profile menu, etc). The farthest I’ve gotten is the “renderUtilityNav” macro, that just calls the following loop:

#foreach ($item in $webInterfaceManager.getDisplayableWebPanels("system.header/right/panels", $extendedContext))

I’m assuming “item.getHtml” is a built-in velocity method, but I’m not sure how to reference the individual “items” that get passed to it. To be specific, I’d like to be able to check each item as they are looped over and if they are a specific ID (such as “admin-menu-link” or “help-menu-link”), to alter the HTML a bit or even skip over it altogether.