How do I scope number of users for Markdown add-on?

My team would love to pull our source code comments into our Confluence pages using the Markdown add-on.

I do not know how to scope the number of users to determine licensing fees (after our free trial, of course).

  • Do I have one system or programmatic user that gets the Markdown updates automatically?

  • Do I need to have several human users in addition to that system user (which I’m hoping is the way this works)?

  • Do I scope for our entire development team who might need to run or otherwise use/touch this add-on?

Now that I’m peering closer, we may be interested in a few other add-ons, and I imagine your user scoping is likely the same for all. Please advise, with thanks!

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @PamelaHowell,

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend this forum as the right place for these kinds of questions. While the developers here are likely the same ones that build the apps you might be interested in, these developers are mostly independent of Atlassian; hence, they have their own support channels, which will help keep the conversations focused on your needs.

More specifically, I’m not sure to which app you are referring. There are many Marketplace apps associated with markdown, even when narrowed to Confluence Cloud. Putting that specific aside, I can say that Marketplace licensing is constrained for simplicity. Namely, the licensing is always based on the number of users licensed to Confluence (the same constraint applies to both Server/DC and Cloud). So the cost should be easy to understand based on how many human users you have, who can login. This constraint is applied by Atlassian, not the app developers, in order to keep licensing straightforward so you don’t need to ask about these kinds of nuances for every app (as you may have started to intuit in your point about “user scoping is likely the same for all”). As such, app developers have already “priced in” the utilization factor of their app.

Regardless of the specific apps in question, I hope that interpretation of our Marketplace license terms helps you move forward with your app buying decisions.

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100%, thank you for your amazingly quick and clear response!