How do I set properties on an organization?

I created an organization using APIs and wanted to set up some properties that I previously created with the web interface.

PUT API returns 201 as code, but through the jira service management UI if I enter the organization I do not see the values I wanted to enter using the API

can you help me?
(I attach code of the call put)

Thank you

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @nicolelilianabassi,

That’s working exactly as expected. The properties you are setting through this API have no built-in UI. I realize that might not make sense if your client code is just this headless Python script.

However, the properties are intended for Forge apps to use as they see fit. Apps might store plain text, but could also include JSON or binary data. It’s up to the app to render the data appropriately. In your case with a Python script, you would only be able to read them from the script.