How do you access reactions from the content API?

When Confluence Cloud and Jira are integrated through Project Pages, the standard like reaction appears to be replaced by emoji reactions instead.


However, the presence of emoji reactions is not reflected in content metadata using expand=metadata.likes - 0 likes are reported and there aren’t any other expendables offered for reactions.

How do I access the emoji reactions via /wiki/rest/api/content ?


Hi James, I’m from the Confluence collaboration team that is adding reactions to the interface. There are some technical limitations with a public API for reactions that we are working through to be able to serve them through our REST APIs.

However, in the meantime we have not deprecated the likes API and you will still be able to receive any thumbsup reactions as likes through the current API. We are working through the issues with the Public APIs and hope to get that rolling soon as well.


Dear @JoshStevens , any update on your post? We also need to the reactions in the REST API. Thank you Andreas

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Hi @JoshStevens ,

any update on this?
We also would love to use reactions via REST API - in our case for a custom content!
Could you provide a link or example for the deprecated “likes API”?

Cheers paul

@ppasler get likes: https://{instance}{contentId}?expand=metadata.likes

Update likes: might not work, but try send a metadata.likes object via this


Hi @nathanwaters ,

thanks for the hint!

Retrieving the metadata.likes works (only for the “Thumbs Up” reaction), but I couldn’t figure out how to add a like via object (what’s the structure?).

The provided link redirects to the experimental V2 API, which isn’t related to my problem.

Oh they’ve broken those links in the past 24 hours lol.

Basically use the content update API:

See where it says “additional properties”. I’m assuming you can just send { metadata: likes: { etc } } but it probably won’t work.