How do you normally set an avatar to a custom add on

I am raising this for a customer who says he can’t access the community as its in read-only mode for him ( though I suspect that is because he has not signed in)

So here are his steps :

He has created a custom add-on called KATALINA

This in turn created a user with

He wants to attach an avatar to this user.

We generally advise this to be done directly at for the user but I am guessing he has no access to this user directly thus this may not work.

Euhm… it feels weird to redirect Atlassian Staff to Atlassian Support, but I think that in this case, you should contact Atlassian Support. If you feel Atlassian Support is not the right channel, perhaps you might want to share what you are expecting from the community in regard to this question? Or are you trying to reach other Atlassian Staff through the community pages?

Hi Remie,

Its just a quick question - I wonder how you guys attach an avatar to the addons that you develop ? This is something that I am guessing folks in the community do often and I also wanted to ensure that I educate the customer that this avenue is available for him to discuss on similar plugin development questions. Hope that makes sense.

This probably should be a suggestion to Atlassian Connect team to add in the Connect add-on descriptor an avatar resource that could be used as an avatar image for the add-on system user.

We as add-on vendors cannot create users as we do not have these fake e-mail addresses.