How do you output the data from a pull-request in bitbucket?

I’m new to bitbucket and searched the community but could not find a specific topic that covered this issue. How do I output the pull-request data from bitbucket so I can add the review and comment information to my code review word document?
I’m sure this has been covered and posted before, so if someone could forward me the post that covers this, it would be appreciated.

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Hi Tim,
that’s an interesting use case! Are you documenting the metadata of pull requests for reporting purposes and seeking to extract that metadata?

In any case, I figure your best bet is to extract PR data via the Bitbucket REST API

You will get JSON data that represents the PR, from there you can extract the metadata you need.

[1] App passwords | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support

Hope that helps!
Best, Ulrich
// Izymes