How does Forge app versioning work?

I noticed that the Forge apps that I have installed in my development site (listed under Jira settings > Apps > Manage apps) have version numbers of at least 2.x. Where do these version numbers come from and when/how are they updated?

It looks like new apps that are deployed for the production environment using the Forge CLI always start at version 2.1.0. I would have expected that the version number starts at 1.0.0.

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Hi @klaussner,

Not an answer to your question, but you might want to look at this topic where there has been some discussion around this already.

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Thanks, Sven! That topic was very helpful.

A short summary in case someone else is looking for it:

  • The smallest possible production version number is 2.0.0 because of internal handling of version numbers.
  • Changes in the manifest that require customer approval (e.g., scope changes, licensing changes, new egress permissions) bump the major version number.
  • All other deployments bump the minor version number (it looks like the third component is ignored).