How does Jira marketplace support MVP/Beta Apps?


I’m in a start up company working on developing a Forge app on the Marketplace; the app initially will be single feature Minimum viable product (SFMVP for short) to test that waters with selected users (early adaptors) to see if we have valid solution/market fit for our users. Over time, we want to add additional features with additional polish via various releases rolling out to many users.

We initially want our app to be free or at discounted price to collect data initially with basic functionality and once we have quality and features in place, we want to start charging customers higher cost to be using our app.

I have a few questions for the business cases above in regards of Jira marketplace (store) as follows:

1.) Once your Forge app is released on marketplace. Is there anyway to highlight that your app is in Beta/MVP State?

2.) With many gaming storefronts like stream (for an example)- The software developer can offer discount whilst the product is still in Beta and communicate what the full price will be when Beta is over. Can you do this?

3.) Whilst in Beta, as a business can we give access to certain customers we want to be apart of Beta/MVP? Provide them a URL or a key to access our app?

4.) During this Beta period, can we set our app won’t appear in any searches on the marketplace? Once the app is post-MVP, then our app to be public and anyone can search and discover it accordingly.

5.) As a business, can we contact any customer that has downloaded any app? We would like conduct surveys to see where we can improve any app.

Any insights or documentation (I’ve been looking but no luck so far) on this matter will be much appreciated.



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Hello Chris,

Answers to some of your questions. (These are not Forge specific answers. Applies to all marketplace apps)

While publishing an app through the marketplace admin interface, you can mark your app as Beta (a simple checkbox). I haven’t tried it before but I guess it adds a Beta badge to your listing so customers know that they are downloading a Beta app. You should also add necessary explanations to the Details sections of your marketplace listing.

You can initially publish your app as a free app and then change it to a paid app later. As far as I know, this can’t be done directly through the admin interface. You have to open a ticket to Atlassian Marketplace support. Even so, it can be done pretty easily. After the app is turned into a paid app, you can change your pricing through the admin interface, without going to Atlassian Support. (It doesn’t allow you to change the pricing too often, AFAIR it doesn’t changes more frequent than 30 days.)

For a paid app, Atlassian Marketplace has a promo code system. You can create single-use or multi-use promo codes that will provide X% discount to the user of the code. X can even be 100 so in practice, you can give a paid app for free with promo codes.

Atlassian Marketplace allows you to download all your licenses (including evaluations) as a CSV file. This license info contains contact information for your customer (and the intermediary Atlassian partner, if any). You can try contacting them using this contact information.

I don’t know if you can hide your app from the search but you can do this without publishing the app to the marketplace. You can set up a beta test environment for your app and send instructions to beta users on how to install the app from this env.

Hope this helps.



Hi @ChrisJones1
On the developer console of your App, “Distribution” section lets you get a link that you can provide directly to your customers so that they can install the app. But once the app is on the marketplace, you can’t use the link. The solution is to have 2 Apps with the same code: 1 for the marketplace, and 1 to share with the link.


@BertrandDrouhard1 @emre.toptanci Thank you for your insight, that is really helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:

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