How i can "Identify to ngrok using your auth token"?

i download ngrok and i have my Authtoken, what should i do next in Step 5- section four in Getting started with Connect totorial

Hi @idanfarbman ,

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Step 5 of the guide comprises a sequence of instructions, one of which is step 4 which requests your ngrok token to be entered.

Is this where you are stuck. It would be good if your queries were more specific.


thanks for your attention,
clould you tell me please how and where i enter the ngrok token

Hi @idanfarbman ,

The instruction in item 4 of step 5 is as follows:

So, you would paste your token into the command line as indicated by the following example (fictitious token):

./node_modules/.bin/ngrok authtoken ey34khlkrjhlkrh45iolu45kljdflawh


hi dmorrow
i need to paste that in the terminal in vs code as is ? after i open a tunnel?
The port tunnel is what i choose right? it can be anything