How many requests per seconds better to send to API for avoiding troubles with JIRA services?


I use JIRA Cloud services and use API to get some info about issues.

Unfortunately, for my case it’s impossible to make just a couple of requests. Hence, I need to send near 300 requests to JIRA and Confluence API. I use PHP.

My question: should I make a delay between each two requests? I really do not want to be guilty in a hidden DDOS attack (or smth like that) to the servers. Now I make my script sleep() for 2 seconds after each curl_exec().

Thanks a lot for an answer!

Not an Atlassian but the only advice I’ve heard from atlassian is to follow the headers. Ie when they return rate limit exceeded header - then back off. That said without knowing much about your script - if you’re not triggering the 300 in parallel and doing the sleep in between - you’re fine. You’re probably good to even drop the interval to be less than a second even.

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Are there rate limits for JIRA Cloud APIs? is the last conversation I’ve seen a out this.

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Thanks for the answer. After I’d read it I knew keywords “rate limit” and then found the info about Atlassian rate limits. It is 500 requests per 5 minutes. ( )

this information is specific to HipChat?