How open link in new or same tab, not iframe (in Forge Custom UI App)?

I need to open a link from inside a Custom UI Forge App, which sits in an iframe.

What normally would work ist add a target attribute to the link, like some of these:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<a href="" target="_top">
<a href="" target="_parent">

Where the first one would open the link in a new Browser tab, the others would open it in in the same Browser tab.

For reasons I don’t understand this would not work from within an iframe of an Forge Custom UI App.

Why? Or, how could I make it work?

When I leave the target argument away, when clicking on a link the whole Confluence Page would open in that iframe, so I have a Confluence page embedded in a Confluence page, with the sidebar, menu and so on.

The only thing working is by clicking with the middle mouse button on that link, but who does this?

Okay, you have to pass the link via data-attribute, in the Custom UI part read that link out on click and pass it to router.navigate() or (