How should I get the correct Jira Transitions?

Hello, I need to get Jira Issue Transitions or History via REST API. I read the developer’s documentation and tried to curl transitions API, but I got incorrect responses. It explains what actions I can perform in the future.
I just need some data from Figure 1, who can tell me how to get it?

I want picture1:

Hi @HengZhang
that data is not available through the Jira REST API. The Transitions tab is actually provided by JMWE, not Jira, and is currently not exposed through a REST API. However, this would be an easy improvement so I suggest your reach out to Appfire support.

Appfire? Sorry, I’m not very familiar, how do I contact Appfire

I think that David2 is talking about this AppFire with this being the JMWE. Also just because I was interested this is the call that the website uses
page=com.innovalog.jmwe.jira-misc-workflow-extensions:transition-history-tabpanel _=1678113517897

Can you give me an API example to request Jira Transitions History? thx

Again, it doesn’t currently exist

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There is no api that can return you only transitions.
You may however get changelog for an issue with Get Changelogs or by setting expand=changelog when getting an issue or searching issue using JQL. Then you only need to filter changelog so that only entries with item that changes field==“status” or “fieldId==status” and this way you will have issue transitions.
Just keep in mind:

  1. Changelog contains every change, so it can be big/huge. Getting it for hundreds of issues can take time (or maybe even use all your API limit - not sure about it).
  2. As it can be biiiiig, get changelog is paginated and getting changelog via expand=changelog will most probably not return entire history.

Hmmm, maybe it’s possible to use jira expressions, to filter the changelog on Jira side and get only transitions, but I’m not familiar with jira expressions (at least yet).

Anyway, hope it helps you and in case you will find easier way to get only issue transitions using jira API please, please let me know.

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thank u very much!