How to access 3rd party plugin data?

I decided to ask the question because I can’t find a satisfying answer.

I’m quite new to JIRA plugin development. I was tasked with developing a plugin, which has some features that would require integration with other 3-rd party plugins (for example Big Picture, Git Integration for JIRA, Slack). As these plugins don’t expose any kind of public API I wonder if there is another way to access the data that I need, for example through direct queries sent to the JIRA database from my plugin’s code.

As I read that manually changing the JIRA database is generally a bad idea I want to emphasize that I don’t want to change the database in any way - I want just to retrieve some information regarding 3-rd party plugins, mainly from AO tables.

Also, I found out that some of these plugins (for example Git Integration) add information to the Activity Streams, which can be easily retrieved. Still, the information I can get this way is not always enough.

I’m open to hearing honest opinions about this whole endeavor, as I’m not sure if it’s really a good idea to even try integration with plugins that don’t expose any official channel to do so (like some kind of API).

Best thing is to reach out to the vendors behind the app to see if they have a public api that you can use.

Reading the data straight out of the data and/or from a private api might mean that things will break on you.