How to access a list of transitions (REST API)


I’m struggling with the proper way to set up some defaults for an integration I’m working on. Using an incoming webtrigger I would like to transition an issue in Jira, though with a “default” transition configured in an AdminPanel. The part I’m struggling with is how to get a list of transitions the end user could pick a default from. Using the /rest/api/3/workflow/search endpoint gives me an errors when calling via api.asApp() and also requires elevated privileges (which I don’t need).

Is there another way to list the possible transitions for a user to pick from? My end goal would be that an incoming webtrigger would transition an issue to the appropriate “Done” status, but that status will obviously change depending on the workflow in use.

Thanks for your help.

Actually I think I can work around this by just using an issue status as a default, then selecting/validating the workflow transition for the issue specifically when the webtrigger runs.