How to access private Jira APIs from Atlasssian Connect add-on?

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We’re building an Atlasssian Connect extension so that our product could be integrated into the Jira UI. We already have a working “stand-alone” integration.

We were able to follow the documentation and install a mock/development add-on that uses the standard Atlasssian Connect JWT authentication to access the API of our Jira cloud instance. Unfortunately some endpoints return 403.

/rest/api/2/myself --> 200 OK
/rest/greenhopper/1.0/rapidviews/list --> 403 Forbidden

It appears that the /rest/greenhopper/1.0/* endpoints cannot be accessed, while others can. Are there some additional configurations that are needed to access the private APIs? Would the OAuth authentication work better?

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Hi @tuomas,

/rest/greenhopper/1.0/* is not a public REST API so no chance to access it from a connect addon.

You are limited to and


If you didn’t gather from the links provided by @vkrupach, there’s already a public equivalent to the rapidviews/list as agile/boards.

Furthermore, there is an Atlassian controlled whitelist for JIRA REST API endpoints available to Connect Add-ons; hence, you may find some REST API endpoints available to Basic or OAuth 1.0, that are not available to a Connect add-on. Like you’ve done in your question, it’s best to deal with those on a case-by-case basis.


Note that the whitelisted APIs for Connect add-ons for JIRA Cloud is located here:

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The situation you are in is not unique, we also found the whitelist of endpoints too restrictive for some activities. In the end we added a who section for the configuration of ‘the workaround user’ where customers type in addition user/password credentials that are used in Non-JWT signed interactions with the server.

The ‘workaround user’ can then be allocated JIRA global user permissions enabling Browse Users ( for connect addons. Having a sideways REST channel is mandatory for full operation of our addon.

Yes, having another user/password is not ideal, that your customers have to consider as well as the AddonUser, but currently you have no choice if you need non-whitelist API’s.