How to achieve pagination in Trello?

When trying to access the cards of a boards using the API, /boards/{Board Id}/cards?key={Key}&token={Token}&limit=100&page=1, I’m getting the 100 cards associated with that board.

When I use the page parameter, /boards/{Board Id}/cards?key={Key}&token={Token}&limit=100&page=2, the parameter page=2 should return the next set of data, which is not happening in this case.

How do I traverse to the next set of records? What parameter should be used with limit to get all the records?

Hello @YashikaSharma

Trello’s REST API doesn’t use pagination, so that page parameter is just being ignored. Also, you have used the limit parameter to unnecessarily constrain the results when Trello would have happily returned 1,000 Cards by default.

I suggest you re-read the Paging section of the documentation again, where it says:


When querying for long lists, such as a list of Cards, or a list of Actions, the Trello API limits you to at most 1000 results. Because these lists can have members added or removed at any time, the right way to iterate through more than 1000 results is to use the before and since parameters.