How to add a description to jql function

I’m building a JQL function with Atlassian Developer tool using java.
I want to add a query description/hint and parameters description like that:

I don’t know how to add it or where to add it.
I tried to add into “atlassian-plugin.xml” the description tag, but I cant see it (I can see the jql).

this is the description</description

I don’t know if I need to add it here or in the java file of the function.
If it in the java, I don’t know where, or what function I need to add.
Please help me.

help please

Up please

Hi Segev,

The JQL function in your screenshot is provided by the ScriptRunner app and they have a custom implementation to show their JQL functions that way in the issue search page. There’s no standard extension point in Jira to achieve similar.