How to add a drop down and connect data?

I am trying to create a drop down with a list of projects. Once I choose a project, I want it to show all the issues and dependency. I’m stuck at the “drop down” option part. if you could point me to the right direction, it would be awesome.

I’m using Jira Cloud and using ACE framework like this example:

Thank you!

I’m a little uncertain about where you are getting stuck, so forgive me if I’m giving you information that you already know.

In the simplest case, you’ll want to dynamically add the projects as options on an HTML select tag.

I notice that AUI has experimental support for a Single select web component web component. I haven’t used it yet, but it does appear to be just what you are looking for. It even has support for asynchronous population of the options.

oh I see. These are all helpful info. Thank you very much! I’m wondering if there is a way where you can put a list of current Projects as the dropdown list’s option?

You’ll need to obtain the list of current projects from Jira via its REST API. You could do that from JavaScript, or from your server-side Connect application. You then need to populate your Single-select component with an <aui-option> for each project that is returned.

I got it! thank you.