How to add a secondary project page options?


I’m working on a Jira Cloud app and I’m using Forge with Custom UI.
I’ve created a project page module and now I can access it from the left-hand side menu.
My question is, is it possible that when I click on this tab from the left-hand side menu, another menu will open?

I have several sub-modules that I want to add under this main project page option.

Here’s an example:


I don’t think it is currently possible to create an expandable menu item. You’ll have to present the options on the project page that is opened by the menu.


Hi @bentley
I think that @amityahav refers to this: Navigation
Could you please check again if is possible using Forge?

Hi @amityahav,

We will be adding support for sub-pages soon.


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Hi @vpetrychuk,

Thanks for the update!
Just out of curiosity, how other plugins have implemented this feature?


Not quite sure what you mean by “other plugins” :slight_smile: In Forge, we will be allowing only one top-level extension with sub-pages, so all of them are grouped together under a common navigation item. In Connect though, you are able to register as many top-level ones as you want (at least at the moment).

Then perhaps the other plugins I referred to, were developed using Connect.
Thanks for the clarification!

BTW, do you have an issue number for this task so I can keep tracking its progress?

We don’t have a public issue but have an internal one. Keep an eye on Forge announcements/changelog in the next quarter or two

Thanks @vpetrychuk!