How to add an icon to the Issue page


How can I add an icon on the top right next to the ellipse button.
If I add this to the json code then it is place in the ellipse bar

"webItems": [
                "key": "example-tools-item",
                "location": "",
                "weight": 1,
                "name": {
                    "value": "Test 2"
                "target": {
                    "type": "inlinedialog",
                    "options": {
                        "onHover": false,
                        "offsetX": "30px",
                        "offsetY": "20px"
                "icon": {
                    "width": 24,
                    "height": 24,
                    "url": "/Content/images/Save.svg"
                "url": "/JiraApp/Jira/HoursLogged.aspx?projectId=${}&issueId=${}"


So what am I doing wrong?

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Hi @PetertHart,

There isn’t a way to add an icon next to the ellipsis menu locations in Jira and yes, the will add the option (with no icon) as part of the drop down. You could consider using the atl.jira.view.issue.left.context or the atl.jira.view.issue.right.context locations but the most recent design recommendation is to use either the Issue Content module or a Glance.

See the related documentation here: