How to add custom tab for issue in Jira Product Discovery project?

Hello Community!

I want to display my custom tab for an issue in the Jira Product Discovery project (see screenshot):

I use this item from atlassian-connect.json (I use custom property and condition):

It works for Software projects, Bug Tracking projects and others, but it doesn’t work for Jira Product Discovery project (not beta). I checked the custom property via REST API and the value is correct, but I don’t see my custom tab.

Are there any limitations for custom tabs, custom panels or project properties in Jira Project Discovery ? I din’t find any mentions in the docs. Is it possible to add the custom tab/custom panel for Jira Product Discovery?

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Here is a link to a pinned community post about known limitations of Jira Product Discovery:

According to this post, Connect/Forge apps are not yet supported in JPD.