How To Add IssueType Property

Hello! Apologies if this is a basic question but I am quite new to Jira Software.

I am trying to gather the properties for all created issuetypes, by querying the following endpoint:


I am able to successfully make the request and get a 200 response, but each time I am returned an empty key, as below. I have to assume that this means the issuetype property is not set. How would one go about adding a property to the issuetype, through the UI project settings? I have been able to add custom fields but am unclear how I would add a property. Thank you.

    "keys": []

Hi Sophie!

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As far as I’m concerned it’s not possible to add issue-type properties via UI.
This feature was designed with app developers in mind to give them the possibility to store some kind of issue-type metadata.

They are set via a call to the set issue type property API.

I don’t know what did you expect to see stored inside these properties, however if you mind elaborating more about your use case, we are happy to help you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Beata, I will try calling to that endpoint.

I am attempting to make an integration between Jira Software and my own product. I wanted to return all possible issuetype properties to dynamically fill a dropdown menu. The user would then be able to select a property and map it to the equivalent property from my own product.

That might not be possible if an issuetype doesn’t have properties on creation. I will have to look into it further!

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To unpack a little bit more, the concept of entity properties are distinct from the fields of an issue. For a given “entity” (like issue ABC-123), you can get the property keys, but the properties are not enumerable globally.

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