How to add offline_access scope parameter

I have completed the OAuth 2 integration and tested that everything works, but I now need to add Refresh Tokens to the authorization flow, so that I can issue queries beyond the short-lived access token.

However, I do not see how to add ‘offline_access’ as a scope parameter. When I go to the Authorization tab, the only field that is modifiable is the Callback URL.

When I go to the Permissions tab, I do not see that scope option amongst any of the API scopes that I can adjust.

I do vaguely recall seeing it on setup, but it seems weird if I need to delete my app in order to add the scope.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @ToddAnderson,

The scopes are managed in 2 “layers”. There is the total set of scopes your app can use. While the UI might be confusing at first, I assure you they are mutable without having to delete/recreate an app. Fortunately, offline_access is a “free” scope, meaning every app can use it.

The 2nd layer is what your client asks for in the authorization flow. Specifically, when your client constructs the authorization request URL (on, one of the parameters is scope with a space delimited set of scopes. If your client asked for more scopes than you configured in the app, you would have a problem. But, since offline_access is free, just add it to that parameter, and you should start getting refresh tokens.

Thanks! Got it to work.

Since the Authorization page auto-generates the http request for you, it didn’t occur to me that you could have a different request than what’s on the portal.

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