How to add panels dynamically to the page

I want to dynamically render panels to issue page?
Add is static right now so how can I do that?


Could you explain what you mean by “dynamic”? Do you need to add it after some user interaction without page reload?

Or does the content of the panel need to change after the initial display?

Thank for your question.
I mean if I have a page config for admin. Admin can add more panel to view issue page.
For Ex: In view issue page have a linking panel ( It’s come from Jira system)
My add-on provides the ability to create new panel like panel 1, panel 2,… and it dynamically renders.
Add new custom panel to view issue page.
This is an idea. But right now I don’t know how to dynamically render panels to issue page.

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Maybe you don’t need to create multiple real “panels” dynamically… you can have 1 panel and have Javascript render other “panel looking” things inside it…?

Yes @tjoy. That is one solution which we are thinking about.
Is there any solution else for that case?