How to add 'quick' issue content button without menu

Is it possible to add Issue Content as button that is not embedded into ‘…’ menu? As plugin vendor we need direct click in the “quick add buttons section”.

I haven’t played with that area - but in theory they’re all we-items so you should be able to set the weight to 1 and that would move you to the front of the line.

If that doesn’t work (and there’s a chance it won’t - I could see the Atlassian UI team being smart and wanting some items static) you’ll want to hold your breath and drop in a feature request and explain your reasoning of why you need to be put before the … .

Hey @pedro,

This isn’t something that vendors will be able to control directly; the quick-add buttons provided by the Issue Content module will be interpreted by Jira.

We plan on enabling each user to drive how your app’s quick-add button is displayed. If your app’s quick-add button is used frequently by a user, Jira will optimise its position by showing it alongside the standard quick-add buttons for adding attachments, subtasks, and linked issues for that user. If the quick-add button for an app isn’t frequently used, it’s shown in an overflow menu (•••) next to the other quick-add buttons.

We are yet to do complete the work to support this, so for the time being all apps are displayed in the •••. However, in the near future you can expect to see apps appearing alongside the other buttons.

The weight/weighting attribute is not respected in any of the new Jira issue modules.

Hope this helps to clarify.


Hello, I am needing an app to not be hidden behind the ‘…’ menu. This posting was last year, are there any new updates to this issue?

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Hi Kai,

Is it live and documented somewhere in Jira documentation (docs for users)? I can’t find it and need a link for a customer of our app.

I’m not sure that I understand the general purpose of the quick-add button. From my experience, the issue content from the app exists regardless of what you have done with the quick-add buttons. Clicking the button seems to just act as a redirect to the app’s issue content that is already there. I could see if your app opens a modal that is separate from the issue view, but to me it just seems duplicative and a waste of valuable real estate since most good apps interact and integrate with the issue view itself. Is it possible to just hide a quick-add button altogether for all users? Can admins of the instance itself have that control for each app?