How to add status column to "Child issues" Panel in an Initiative - JIRA/Portfolio for JIRA

Hi all,

I wanted to add “Status” column to the “Child issues” panel of an Initiative (_When using Portfolio for JIRA product you can create additional hierarchal levels on top of Epics. In my case, one Initiative can have multiple Epics_).

Note that by default JIRA don’t show you the status for each Epic within an Initiative without opening each Epic. The code below added to the announcement banner helps you by adding the Status column of the Epic to the ‘Child issues’ within an Initiative:

<script type='text/javascript'>
AJS.$(document).ready(function() {
AJS.$('#jpo-child-issues-web-panel .jpo-child-issue-table tr').each(function() {
  var $row = AJS.$(this);
  var issueKey = $row.find('td:first-child').text();
  AJS.$.getJSON(AJS.contextPath() + '/rest/api/latest/issue/' + issueKey, function(data){
        var issueStatus =;
        $row.append('<td class="jira-issue-status-lozenge aui-lozenge jira-issue-status-lozenge-green jira-issue-status-lozenge-done aui-lozenge-subtle jira-issue-status-lozenge-max-width-medium">' + issueStatus + '</td>');

Here is how it looks after:

I would hope Atlasssian (probably the Portfolio Team) could consider adding ‘Status’ out of the box in the ‘Child Issues’ Panel. In the meantime, hope other people can benefit from this solution.